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A Course in Meditation

Издательство - Harmony

A Course in Meditation

Издательство - Harmony
8400 драм
Osho was a mystic and a scientist, a rebellious spirit whose unique contribution to the understanding of who we are defies categorization. His only interest was to alert humanity to the urgent need to discover a new way of living. Osho's understanding was that only by changing ourselves--one individual at a time--can the outcome of all our "selves"--our society, our cultures, our beliefs, our world--also change. The doorway to that change is meditation. Osho saw how difficult it was for the hyperactive 21st-century mind to just sit silently and watch the breath. Out of this observation he created new meditations to address the unique challenges of this generation. Presented in easy-to-understand language and an easy-to-navigate format, A Course in Meditation includes a 21-day program for applying meditation and mindfulness to release the tensions and stress of the body and mind in order to relax into an experience of still and silent awareness. Each day of the program introduces a different aspect of meditative living with a simple, practical meditation and awareness exercise related to the subject of the day.
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