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Terms and conditions

1. The following General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Terms), define and regulate legal relations connected to the services provided by the “Zangak” Bookstore Company (hereinafter referred to as Company, Zangak Bookstore) and e-commerce at www.zangakbookstore.am (hereinafter referred to as Website, www. zangakbookstore.am); Zangak bookstore also provides e-commerce platform services via the Website, through which an electronic contract is signed when purchasing the offered products (hereinafter it is also referred to as online shopping), in accordance with the Terms. In all the cases when the Website does not mention the data of any other seller, the seller of the goods is "Zangak Bookstore" LLC ([email protected], 49/2 Komitas, +374 11 223366);

2. Accessing the Site, using any service or downloading any content, in whole or in part, you, as the User (hereinafter referred to as the User, Customer), confirm that you have fully read and accepted the suggested terms whether you are a Customer of the Services provided by the Company or a registered user of the Site. The rules regarding the registered customers of the Site apply only to the registered people who have the opportunity to use the additional features offered on the Site.

3. In order to register on the Website, the Customer, providing his personal data, opens an individual account through the registration procedure presented on the Website, after which he receives a login and a password. The Customer is obliged to fill in right information, is responsible for the use of his personal account, all the actions performed on an individual account are considered performed by the Customer. The personal data provided by the Customer during registration are used in accordance with the terms set out in the Privacy Policy (hyperlink). In case of any violation of the Terms, the Company has the right to block the Customer's personal account and to prohibit the Customer from using the Site features.

4. The Company reserves the right to change or supplement these Terms at any time without prior notice. In case of changes or additions to the Terms, the Company will post the updated Terms on the Website, indicating the date of the last change. It is the User's responsibility to visit the Website from time to time to check for latest changes to the Terms. New conditions for using the site are mandatory after publishing them.

5. In case of disagreements, the Parties are obliged to initiate an out-of-court settlement procedure based on a written or e-mail application of the claimant, the deadline of which is two weeks from the moment of submitting the claimant's application. Disagreements over the site usage are considered in the court of general jurisdiction of Yerevan city.



 "Zangak" bookstore provides online shopping service through "zangakbookstore.am". It helps visitors to purchase the products available on the website, to make deliveries, the description, conditions and price of which are presented on the Website.

 The site also offers other services and features including event registration service, commenting on books and participating in discussions, etc. There are also paid services offered on the Website, the information about which is published on the Website. The customer is informed about it before using the service, not being able to use such service without payment.

 Information about paid online shopping services is published on the Website. Filling in the information on the website, choosing a product or service, paying for it is considered equivalent to signing a contract. Regarding the payment, the Company provides the Customer with an electronic certificate or at the same time with a coupon confirming the transaction.

 When making other public statements on the Site such as comments, discussions, Customers are obliged to respect the rights of the Company, its employees, other users of the Site, not to propagate hostility or violence or make illegal statements.

 To use the full range of Services provided by the Company, you must register on the Site. You need to open an individual account through the registration process indicated on the Site, without registration some services on the Site may not be available. Each user can have one account. Users are not allowed to use another person's personal account. The User is obliged to immediately inform the Company if he/she is sure that his account was accessed by unauthorized people, in this case the Company has the right to immediately block the account.

Shopping and Delivery

• When making purchases, the buyer can pay in cash (only in the territory of Yerevan) or by non-cash method (payment by card, electronic wallet, “Zangak” book gift card, cumulative card of “Zangak” book fund.)
• When placing an order, the Client must have sufficient funds in his account to purchase the specified product, if the Client is going to make a non-cash purchase.
• “Zangak” Bookstore has the right to postpone the delivery of orders when the total amount of orders increase (holidays, discount programs, events, etc.), and also to suspend the provision of certain Services by notifying the Customer via the Website or a personal message.
• The general delivery times announced by the Zangak bookstore are conditional, the Company is not responsible for the violation. For each order, the Company informs the Customer about the delivery date of the order.
• The order is sent to the addressee only after the order is confirmed. The presented assortment may be incomplete, if it is not available in the store. Therefore, the order will be canceled and the user's money will be returned if they were debited earlier.
• The amount of delivery depends on the delivery address, the weight of the delivered goods, as well as current promotions.
• For questions regarding the return or exchange of goods, please contact the company's bookstore.
• Orders from unregistered customers may be canceled if the required information is not correct.

Bonus system

The bonus system has four levels, which work as follows: • At the moment of issuing the "Cumulative card", the customer can take advantage of the opportunities provided by the first level of the bonus system. After every 100,000 AMD purchase made by the customer (for a year), the transition to the next level takes place. If the customer doesn’t make purchases of AMD 100,000 within a year, he loses the level he has gained. Bonuses are formulated as a prepayment, which can be used as a cumulative bonus during further purchases, to reduce the price of the product to be paid.
• At the first level, bonuses are accumulated in the amount of 3-4% of purchases made from "Zangak" bookstore, and in the amount of 5% from "Zangak" coffee and tea house.
• The second level: 4-5% in "Zangak" bookstore, 6% in "Zangak" coffee and tea house.
• The third level - 5-6% in "Zangak" bookstore, 7% in "Zangak" coffee and tea house.
• The fourth level: 6-7% in "Zangak" bookstore, 8% in "Zangak" coffee and tea house.
• Bonus points are not accumulated in case of special products and offers.
• Users will be notified in advance if these percentages change.
• In case of loss or damage of the card, it is restored, keeping all the accumulated points of the cardholder.
• Any material presented on the site, (visual / visual texts), belongs to "Zangak" bookstore and is protected by copyright.