The Abovyan branch of Zangak Bookstore is located in the very center of Yerevan and in the hearts of many booklovers. Two floors, completely filled with books, art, love, coffee and tea. Just kidding, they aren't "completely" filled up; we'll find you a free spot where you can read a nice book or take part in an amazing event, drink coffee, tea or simply dream about long travels.


Our Megamall Armenia branch is the youngest one, but it surely isn't small. If you want to visit this branch, you'll need to go to the second floor of Megamall Armenia Mall. Can you see the coffee place? If yes, you're getting close, keep going. Can you hear the voices? It is our staff discussing a new book. Come in.

Rio Mall

We are once again inviting you to Cinema Star, but guess what: not to watch a movie, think about books. The coziest branch of Zangak Bookstore can be found on the second floor of Rio Mall.


There are four giant glass buildings on Komitas Avenue, have you seen them? One of them is also filled with books. And as Zangak Publishing House and Printing House are also located in this building, it is possible for you to find yourself in the center of the book creation process. This branch is our oldest, yet the most visited by our junior readers.

Dalma Garden Mall

If you ever find yourself in Dalma Garden Mall, come up to the second floor and go straight to Cinema Star. No, we are not inviting you on a movie date. Books, we're all about the books. We're inviting you to our Zangak Bookstore stand. We will find a good book for you and have a little chat.


Last but not least, we shall finish our branch adventure with Zangak Teahouse. Here, everything is as delicious as you can imagine, and it is all seasoned with love. And by the way, the fun of reading is far greater when you combine it with a tea party.

Here are all the addresses where you will find Zangak Bookstore. But as you are on our website you are already in Zangak.