Dear customer, we are glad to see you in our bonus system.
To use our bonus system, you must have a "Bonus card" provided by the "Zangak" bookstore.
The bonus system includes four levels, which work as follows

At the moment of issuing the "Bonus card", the customer can take advantage of the opportunities provided by the first level of the bonus system. After every 100,000 AMD purchase made by the customer (for a year), the transition to the next level takes place. If the customer doesn’t make purchases of AMD 100,000 within a year, he loses the level he has gained.

The four levels of the bonus system accumulate
3-4 %
4-5 %
5-6 %
6-7 %
Several important points
Bonus points aren’t accumulated in case of special offers of discounted products.
Users will be notified in advance if these percentages change.
In case you lose or damage the card, it is restored according to the cardholder's application, saving the accumulated points.
Bonus system users will regularly receive new features and will be notified in advance. To use the bonus system, you need to have a "Bonus card" provided by "Zangak" bookstore.