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Publishing house - Dorling Kindersley


Publishing house - Dorling Kindersley
11900 AMD
See more than 350 of the world's greatest buildings come to life in the most spectacular way! A world of beauty and genius is unveiled in this comprehensive architecture book. Discover the world's most incredible buildings, from the ancient world to the present day. From the Louvre and the Colosseum to the Sydney Opera House and the Gherkin, this book offers a truly visual worldwide survey of global architecture. Bursting with breathtaking photography and informative entries on more than 350 of the world's most famous buildings, Architecture: A Visual History gives you an unspoilt view of their fascinating features. This accessible reference book will transport you to the most impressive and iconic buildings on earth: - 500 photographs and 13 CGI artworks that dissect magnificent buildings around the world - Clear explanations and cross-sections of each building, along with exquisite photography of specific details - Close-up, detailed photographic reference to the architectural "vocabulary" of the period Explore the Architectural Wonders of the World Page after page is dedicated to significant architectural movements, biographies of famous architects and in-depth examinations of their masterpieces. See how and why certain features were common during specific time periods and how these amazing buildings have stood the test of time. Unique specially-commissioned CGI artworks throughout the book showcase more than 10 specific buildings, including The Pantheon and the White House. This stunning guide gives you a closer look at contemporary global architecture as well as sustainable green buildings. It's the perfect gift for architecture students, practising architects, or anyone with an interest in architecture, design, engineering, or art.
Dorling Kindersley
185 grams

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