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"Suprematism", 1915 Limited Edition (պիտակով)

Publishing house - Art-Socks

"Suprematism", 1915 Limited Edition (պիտակով)

Publishing house - Art-Socks
3000 AMD
author: Կազիմիր Մալևիչ "Suprematism by Kazimir Malevich, (1915) Kazimir Malevich invented the style of art called suprematism, a visual language of simple shapes and colours. This strange word comes from supremus, which means 'superior' or 'accomplished', and refers to Malevich's intention to elevate painting to a higher state and greater freedom of space. Suprematism is about seeing and feeling art in a new way. These Artsocks inspired by the painting 'Suprematism' show simply painted geometric shapes in different colors. Their design is very simple and yet very aesthetic. Keep life simple. Enjoy the small moments. On a closer look, it is the simplest things that make us happy."
42 grams

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